An active global chat community for discord. Get your community active by connecting to other communities, and broadcast your messages to other communities!

All important features free

Active moderation team

Easy to setup with active support team

New features always being developed


Tons of premium perks

With the premium version of BlobChat, you can add custom signatures to your messages, use functions to supercharge your messages by using features like a random meme sender right from your message, and the ability to add text next to your username for messages in chat. All this, TONS of more perks for other services can be purchased just by boosting the support server once, more info here.


Very active

BlobChat's chat is always active so there's always someone to talk to. We want to make every community be able to communicate and benefit each other.


Very easy to setup & use

All you need to do is invite the bot to your server, and send b!connect in a channel you wish to connect! Your community is connected to every community on BlobChat and you can even chat from the web.

How it works

Everytime a message is sent in a connected channel, BlobChat copies your messages, checks if it has any functions in it, deletes your message, and sends your message to every channel using webhooks. Because of this, it will call you a bot, don't worry, you aren't a bot.

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